Entry One
Tercio del amor, del honor, y de la venganza

14th October, 1605 Anno Domini
Village of Monte

Belmonte is putting the finishing touches on his armor when Diego arrives to find the village destroyed, he is drawn to the village center as he hears the telltale ‘tink-tink tang’ of a hammer on anvil.

Belmonte, seeing Diego’s Redband uniform, threatens to slay him. Diego explains his motivations and Belmonte stands down. When Diego claims some villagers may still be alive and that he knows where to find them Belmonte reluctantly allows Diego to travel with him to Madrid. Diego assists Belmonte with his armor by wielding his helmet shut, sealing Belmonte in.

Hans and Fawkes have already met and have hatched a to plan to steal the uniforms of Saldana’s Soldiers so they can sneak into a prison camp and free some loyalists in order to build a revolutionary army. Belmonte and Diego stumble into the ambush and are mistaken for Saldana’s men. Diego attempts to talk everyone down from combat without luck. Luckily Hans recognizes Belmonte’s coat and attempts to recruit him to the loyalist cause. Belmonte initially declines but Hans is quick to point out that Belmonte and Diego won’t get far in a frontal assault without soldiers.

After resolving the ambush incident the party soon stumbles upon the real convoy. Through the smoke ahead a wounded soldier in Saldana’s red runs up the road toward the party yelling madly about a demon.

As they draw nearer the convoy they see the bodies of some 20 or 30 men scattered around the wagons and horses. Several more soldiers lie dead and dying creating a trail towards a hill to the west. Atop the hill, a short ways off, 4 men still fight, one stands apart wearing a heavy cloak and wielding two rapiers. The lone swordsman manages to defeat all 4 men before himself succumbing to his wounds. Belmonte attempts to offer the masked swordsman triage but is met with a drawn pistol. It is quickly established that Saldana is a mutual enemy and the masked man stands down.

Meanwhile Hans and Fawkes have freed the prisoners from the caravans, unfortunately they refuse to fight as The Count of Seville, Guadalamedina holds their families hostage against revolt.

Hans attempts to convince the Loyalists to march on Seville to free their families themselves, but lack equipment and provisions. By the time they acquired those the caravans would already be reported missing and their families put to the sword.

Hans comes up witha plan to have Belmonte, Diego and the masked swordsman, who the loyalists have been calling El Cabo, to take the three remaining horses and ride to Seville to kill the Count before he can order the execution of the families. While Belmonte and El Cabo are initially disinterested El Cabo changes his mind when he recognizes Guadalmedina’s name. Belmonte proves tougher to convince, but Hans plays to his anger by hinting that the soldiers who killed his family may have been sent by Guadalamedina.

Hans begins preparing the loyalists, growing somewhat disappointed that they don’t look to him as they do ‘El Cabo.’

15th October, 1605 Anno Domini
Road to Seville

The party arrives in the county of Seville and come across a road blockade.
Two soldiers ready their spears as the party approaches, while a soldier in a hastily built watchtower levels a musket in their direction. The captain comes from behind the barricade demanding their identities.

The party quickly gives up the pretense of having any business there and a melee ensues.

The soldiers use their spears to keep Belmonte pinned, but his steady hammer swings take their toll. Diego takes several wounds before killing the musketeer in the tower with a well placed shot. El Cabo squares off against the captain. El Cabo is somewhat hampered by his earlier wounds and the Captain uses an overpacked pistol to sow confusion in the melee gaining the upper hand until Diego recovers and, sneaking up behind the captain, knocks him out with a swift pummel to the back of the head.

Dragging the bodies off the road, the party sets up camp so that El Cabo and Diego can recover from their wounds, while they wait for the captain to regain consciousness. Bernardo is unable to find comfort, neither physically in his armor, nor mentally in his grief wracked mind and so watches the camp and prisoner through the night.


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