Hans Burkhalter

The sole surviving member of King Inigo's Swiss Honor Guard, Hans seeks to start a revolution to overthrow Saldana


As the former leader of the king’s Swiss Honor Guard Hans is both charismatic and intelligent as well as a capable soldier. He harnesses his talents through the warlord class, directing the tide of battle with his tactical experience and inspiring his allies with his cool demeanour in the face of conflict.

With his Swiss Army trianing Hans is a superb formation fighter, and excels from atatcking from the second rank with his halberd.

He stills wears his Honor Guard regalia, making him an obvious target for Saldana’s men, but also a rallying beacon for those who might fight against the tyranny. As the Swiss are steadfast in their neutrality Hans has, by fighting against Saldana, become an ex-patriot. A clear sign to all that The Switzer will sacrifice everything in the name of thhis high regard for honour. As everyone knows The Swiss Guard never surrender.



Bernardo Belmonte: Hans holds the veteran in high regard, but at the same time, feels a great pity. For a legend to have lost everything and fallen so far the Bear Marshal serves as a firm reminder of what Hans could become.

El Cabo: It’s in Hans’ nature to be wary of men like El Cabo. This one in particular sets him ill at ease for there is a familiarity in El Cabo’s unique fighting style, and while he can’t place why, Hans’ gut prompts him not to trust the dark swordsman.

Diego Vega: Hans holds Diego in outright contempt. While Hans has made a life and career out of discipline, sacrifice, and humility, Diego seems to think only of himself and his ‘heroic appeal’ despite how much the rogue claims he does it all for love. Despite Hans’ dislike of Vega, it is obvious that, with his quick blade, and quicker wit, he is an asset to the revolution.

Hans Burkhalter

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