El Cabo

A mysterious Ranger, when pressed for his name he goes only by El Cabo.


A shadowy figure, El Cabo fights with a rapier and parrying blade, a style favoured by the aristocracy, though it is clear he is not of their ranks. His black hooded cape obscures both his weapons and his identity showing only the occasional glimpse of an austere procelain mask covering his face. Even then grievous scars from a past injury creep from beneath the mask’s edges when brief light flickers upon him.

Of particular note, the thing which stands out most with this man is that, while his blades and face remain obscured, he wears an ornate and well oiled pistol prominently on the sash across his chest and in idle moments his hand rests upon its trigger. He cleans, oils, and checks the gun every night and each morning.

The mysteries surrounding El Cabo are pertinent, and will be revealed to the player who runs him.


Nothing is known of El Cabo’s background, and he prefers it this way.

El Cabo

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