Diego Vega

With a price on his head, this Rogue is on his way into the lions mouth. His love has been taken by Saldana and he intends to get her back.


Diego Vega is a quick witted and savvy rogue with many people after him. He is wanted by a merchants coalition who, while marked by Saldana for death, have not seen fit to lift the bounty. Further Diego has recently deserted Saldana’s Army and he is well aware of what they do to deserters. Regardless Diego intends to stop at nothing to save his love and he’s certain he’ll succeed. After all, in his mind, he is the hero.

Diego is very skilled with a rapier, but enjoys the flair of pistols and keeps several loaded on his belt.


Young, charismatic, and quick witted Diego Vega wanders Antier as a travelling merchant and is always a welcome site in the villages he regulars, with his inexpensive goods and stories from afar. What the villagers don’t know is the source of Diego’s wares. He will often ambush true merchants on the road, taking wares, wagon and all, before travelling to the next village to sell ‘his’ new stock. To keep suspicions away from him he will, on occasion, claim he himself was robbed, enjoying the sympathy of his hosts and free food for a spell before hitting the road again.

On one such occasion, in a small coastal village, Diego’s heart was stolen by a village girl who visited him throughout the week he stayed. After that Diego found himself in the sleepy village more and more often and Deigo’s love for the girl grew. Unfortunately, after spending too much time in one place, people began to catch wind of Diego’s trickery. Eventually he was run out of town and became a wanted man, a merchants coalition pooling together a bounty on his head.

Promising his lady that he would return after he had raised the money to buy off his bounty, Diego joined the army to gain protection from the coalition until he could raise enough money. By no stretch a soldier, far too undisciplined, and prone to taking extended leaves, Diego was soon to be thrown from the ranks when Saldana enacted his coup. Uninterested in politics Diego joined Saldana’s coup at the promise of more gold, and, once again, to stay ahead of those he had crossed.

Lists were handed out to the companies with the names of all who might oppose Saldana, and Diego was delighted to see most of the Merchants coalition on it, as many were nobles and aristocrats. However, his pleasure was quickly replaced with dread when he saw the village of his love was to be put to the flame. At his first opportunity he deserted the army and made for the coastal village, but he was too late. Knowing the reputation of Saldana’s appetites Diego knows where his love can be found.

Diego Vega

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