The world of Antier is an alternate history of 17th century Spain, characterized with the flair and splendour of a Golden Age Spain, but thrown into turmoil by a military coup.

While the geography and much of the history of our world remains intact, it is generally glossed over. Further in the case of historical figures many have had their names changed, or are different people altogether, of particular note, the royal family, and in general anyone the players interac with.

Naturally, players speaking in english can be considered to be speaking spanish, and spanish drop words, and phrases are welcome for added flair.

The year is 1605, King Inigo Trastamara having, a year before, signed the Treaty of London with England and created a peaceful stability for Spain after decades of war with several nations, has been looking to the economic and social growth of Spain. Whispers circulate in the courts that the aging King may be giving Spain to it’s people in the form of a Republic, despite the good health and popular standing of his son Alberto

For 40 years King Inigo expanded and secured his empire from the back of his horse, Securing the whole of the peninsula from Portugal, beating back the French from their borders, and forming strong alliances with the Holy Roman Empire and the Papal States, as a champion of Catholicism.

For the last 20 years the prince’s friend and confidant, General Miguel Saldana, has marshaled Spain’s forces at the King’s side bringing victory through brutal and decisive tactics. It is because of these bloody victories that the King now strives to rule in peace and change the face of Spain.

Two days before the beginning of the campaign General Saldana enacted a coup, murdering the Royal Family and putting their supporters to the sword and flame.